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Sinfoni Prestigio world class reference class A mobile amplifier, effortless dynamics, holographic midrange and audiophile musicality
Sinfoni North America distributed by Audio Excellent
Atoll Electronique are designed and hand made in France; distributed in the USA by

Sinfoni one of the finest brands in the world for reference level mobile amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers that are  made in Italy.  All Sinfoni products are designed to be class leaders characterized by accuracy, effortless dynamics and extraordinary realism.  Sinfoni products are designed, engineered and made with meticulous attention to detail.   The elegant form factor is immediately recognizable as pure Sinfoni; exceptional quality, musicality and beautiful design. 


Pure. Original.


Atoll Electronique high performance home electronics are designed to astound with their exceptional musicality, build quality and value.  Atoll offers performance far exceeding their respective price points; an extraordinary value.   Each product is designed, engineered, assembled, and thoroughly tested in our factory in France.  This dedication to quality and craftsmanship have resonated with music lovers and the audio press worldwide.  Atoll Electronics have transparent midrange, an expansive soundstage and an effortless presentation.   The products are built with top quality components, passionately assembled by hand and offer elegant chassis that compliment any system and decor. 

Atohm speakers, Atohm GT1, Atohm GT2, Atohm GT3, Sirroco

Distributors of the finest brands in

Home, Custom Integration and Mobile Audio

Sinfoni products are hand made in Italy and distributed in North America by


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