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Enjoy the music

Enjoy the music

Desiderio "After Desiderio any interpretation of music by other high-class expensive amplifiers seems ridiculous. Italy was the birthplace for the majority of heroes and masterpieces of cultural heritage of the mankind: Michelangelo, Stradivarius, Mona Lisa, Sistine Chapel... Well, absolutely put Desiderio in this line."

Feeling the emotion of music

Feeling the emotion of music

"The Sinfoni Tempo Presto Ad-Lib. REALLY impressed us. As far as sound quality goes, I think dynamic, transparent, natural and warm would best describe this very superior amplifier, or just plain WOW!!"

Hearing Every Detail, with precision

Hearing Every Detail, with precision

"These are the best amps I have ever owned, they are very quiet, dynamic and revealing. They truly are for music lovers! I upgraded my tweeters to the Maestoso and the difference was incredible!"

Truthfully replicating music

Truthfully replicating music

"The Prestigio's intensity of sound reproduction leaves astounded. It's disarming in its naturalness, easiness with whom it treats the most complex signals."

Realism, Purity & Vivid articulation

Realism, Purity & Vivid articulation

"After hearing the Sinfoni Eroico speakers and Esordio amplifier I was in awe, I knew I had to have them. I have owned much more expensive speakers and this was a huge upgrade. They are very dynamic and revealing of details I have never heard. I have finally arrived with Sinfoni to the ultimate system."

Sinfoni Reference Mobile Audio is for Music Lovers

Reference Amplifiers & Premier One Pre-amp

Reference Speakers

Sinfoni best car audio amplifiers, class A/B highest quality, reference level sound quality
Sinfoni high end, high performance, high sensitivity 6.5" mobile audio speakers
Sinfoni Tempo reference high performance best quality amplifiers.  Matched components, low feedback, effortless presentation and playback.

A new level of performance for this price catagory that is pure Sinfoni, Esordio.   Made in Italy and offering four models to suite all system needs; powerful output, detailed yet effortless and a high performance musical reproduction that is expected from a Sinfoni product .  A perfect match for the Sinfoni Appasionato or Eroico speakers.  The Esordio's performance is surprising and are built with top level components and topology as is expected from a Sinfoni product 


Esordio or Debut is Hi End

Reference Midrange, Subwoofers & Crossovers

Sinfoni's Tempo amplifiers are designed to be exceptionally musical and effortless in their playback allowing you to hear every minute detail and texture with precision. All Sinfoni products are built with top level matched components and a remarkable topology ensuring reliable musical enjoyment.  The Sinfoni Tempo reference amplifiers will bring you closer to the music and are very revealing allowing for immense musical enjoyment. The elegant and clean design is instantly recognizable as only Sinfoni; Original. PURE.  For Music Lovers





Tempo - Timing in music.

*Esordio Solo 2 channel shown

*Sinfoni Tempo Presto Ad.lib 4 channel shown

The begining of Sinfoni's speaker line, developed for top level audiophile performance and exceptional music enjoyment. The Sinfoni Appassionato speakers perform with amazing speed, accuracy and provide a holoraphic midrange at an unheard of price price point.  92 dB sensitivity means they are easy to drive and enjoy their effortless playback.  Precise & Original, Made in Italy.


Appassionato or Passionate in music reproduction

The Sinfoni Maestoso is the graduate from our previous reference the S series. Adding to the perfromance and technical innovations of the Sinfoni S series the Maestoso is disarming with its incredible realism, imaging and transparency.  Since the Maestoso redefines "Reference" it is highly recommended to partner them with quality components as their performance and accuracy will reveal the character of lesser upstream electronics,  An excellent match with Tempo, La Prima and Premier One. Maestoso's neutral and linear response will correctly reveal details with impressive dynamics that are true to the music.    An accomplished performer in musical truth and enjoyment, a new music reference.



Maestoso Provides Majestic Performance

The next level in speaker performance beyond the impressive Appassionato system, offering even more stage presentation, dynamics and deeper bass response.  The Sinfoni 6.5" Eroico separates surprise with impressive dynamism that is true to the input signal.  The exceptional midrange guarantees a reference performance with smooth integration to the soft dome M25T tweeter.  The system reveals details with clarity and fideltiy while preserving the accuracy of the music.  Eroico's performance should be compared to other brand's top of the line reference speakers, they are that good.




Eroico - A Heroic Performer



La Prima amplifiers from Sinfoni are designed to be without exception the finest, most elegant mobile amplifiers in the world.  Pure in form & design; a topology without compromise and a sound that is transparent. effortless, dynamic and incredibly vivid.  The Sinfoni Prestigio, Prodigio and the ultimate Desiderio are each very special true dual mono designs and born of Desiderio.  Reserved for those who wondered how to supercede the reference performance of the acclaimed Sinfoni Tempo amplifiers.   These Sinfoni amplifiers are serious world class musical reference car audio instruments built with great care and precision to be the best.




The Ultimate Statement in mobile amplifiers.  

Sinfoni LaPrima - The Leader



High performance reference audiophile preamplifier for the mobile environment. 5 volt RMS output 100 milli volt to 12 Vrms input 3 high level inputs and three high level outputs

A new level of performance for this catagory that is pure Sinfoni;  Made in Italy and offering true high end Subwoofer performance that is audiophile quality.  The Sinfoni C250.2 10" subwoofer is designed to play low with a very accurate response and low distrotions allowing for a seamless blending of the systems speakers. Their ability to mesh with the systems speakers is startling and allows you to enjoy the music again not the speakers interpretation of the music.  The Sinfoni Capriccio woofers will compliment any high -end High performance system and their capability to produce thunderous output will allow for the reproduction of great dynamics. 


C250.2SW is a reference Sub-woofer

The Sinfoni C89M is designed to be the addendum to any of our speaker systems helping to elevate performance utilizing a dedicated midrange to form a three way speaker system.  The C89M preseves the important midrange frequencies and its low level resolution allows it to blend seamlessly with the midbass woofer producing great depths with very low distrotion.  The high frequency extension will compliment any tweeter and elevate their performance. A performance so accurate and true that it deserves the Sinfoni Quartorigo name plate; C89M, For music lovers!


C89M - A serious Midrange driver

A perfectly tuned crossover designed to blend a dedicated midrange like the reference class C89M midrange with our Appassionato or Eroico top level speaker systems.  The C3VX crossover usues top quality capacitors, industors and resistors to protect the integrity of the signal level and direct it correctly to the drivers with maximum power transfer and correct phase response between the drivers.  This ensures the ultimate 3-way speaker sound system with accurate and dynamic response that is expected of Sinfoni products. Designed for serious music lovers. 



C3VX - Seamless blending for top

3-way system response

Preserving the Majestic and impressive performance of the Maestoso speaker system the T3VX 3- way custom high end, high power and audiphile crossover is designed to blend a dedicated midrange like the impressive C89M midrange with the impressive Sinfoni Maestoso mid/woofer and tweeter.  These speakers are highly revealing and accurate the the T3VX is perfectly tuned with top level components to take full advantage of these world class reference speakers.  


Preserving every detail with great fidelity

High end RCAs cables and wire for reference level system, pure copper designed o reveal every detail.

Excellent quality multi-stranded high quality, pure copper construction that makes a difference in delivering the amplified signal to the speakers. The deleicate high quality wire is protected by a top quality rubber coating that maintains its flexibility and makes installtion easy.


Sinfoni high quality speaker wire

A true dedicated Pre-amplifier providing proper pre-amplification high end reference should be driven with.  The Sinfoni Premier ONE is a PURE audiophile dream and stands alone in s world filled with with processors, line drivers and signal manipulators  Impressive output and presentation that is immediately audible. Three 5 Vrms outputs and and three low level inputs with one that is assignable to receive an amplified input further simplifying OEM headunit integration. Adding a high-quality portable music player now has a real audiophile solution.



Premier ONE - A world class mobile pre-amplifier

Sinfoni RCA interconnect cables designed for perfect integration and signal integrity with Sinfoni electronics.  High quality shielding, superior rubber jacket and high quality connectore to guarantee the perfect delivery of the important low level signal to the amplifier.  CABLES DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!



Sinfoni RCAs - perfect signal integrity

*Sinfoni Prestigio Class A amplifier shown

*Shown as a two way passive set

*Shown as a two way passive set

Grandioso, a name befitting Sinfoni's passion for perfection; a speaker system that was finalized & perfected using what are arguably the finest, most pure mobile amplifiers in the world, La Prima.  The Sinfoni Grandioso speaker system was in development  for over four year and this dedication to perfection is evident in Grandioso's superb performance; accuracy, articulation and speed are immediate and result in a highly enjoyable and thrilling speaker system.  While there are many fine speaker systems the stellar performance of Sinfoni's Gransioso allows them to sit alone in a special top level catagory with the Sinfoni La Prima amplifiers.  A speaker system designed to take full advantage of the La Prima's capabilities in reproducing music with incredible clarity, detail and dynamiscim; feeling music, emotion with remarkable realism and enjoyment.  High Definition speakers meant to be the

Ultimate Statement in music reproduction.  Designed with specific analysis software the Granioso's unique Composite Frame Construction (CFT), four compound coating and our crossed carbon fiber cone are some of many technical innovations found in the impressive CF165W 6.5" mid/woofer to give the system its low yet articulate frequency response.  The CF 25T chambered tweeter blends perfectly with the CF165W's speed and resolution giving extended detail and accuracy to the Grandioso system.  The CF2VX crossover features top quality components and a phase correct perfect design to match the superlative performance of the Grandioso drivers.   As with all Sinfoni products the Grandioso is designed for music lovers.



The Ultimate Statement in speakers.  

Grandioso - Grand & Stately




A new level of performance for this catagory that is pure Sinfoni.  Made in Italy and offering true high end Subwoofer performance that is audiophile quality.  The Sinfoni C320.2 12" subwoofer is designed to play low with a very accurate response and very low distrotions allowing for a seamless blending of the systems speakers.  This agility of the woofers response will be noticed with either the 10" C250.2 and its 12" bigger brother the C320.2W.  Their ability to mesh with the system's speakers is startling and allows you to enjoy the music again not the speakers interpretation of the music.  The Sinfoni Capriccio sub-woofers will compliment any high-end, High performance system and their capability to produce thunderous output will allow for the reproduction of great dynamics. 


C320.2SW is a reference Sub-woofer

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