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Atoll Electronics USA, Sinfoni USA distributed by Audio Excellent

The Audio Excellent Standard


Audio Excellent is commited to delivering the finest audio products in their perspective catagories available in the world today. We believe that Excellent products combined with Excellent service always yield Excellent results; that is Excellent....Audio Excellent!  We proudly distribute two exemplary brands that are fully made in their countries of origin; this ensures tight quality controls, superlative build quality and reference level performance.  Each Brand was chosen because they are the finest offering by a wide margin in their represented catagoriesAtoll electronics for home audio are proudly made in Brecey, France and Sinfoni mobile audio's reference level amplifiers and speakers hailing from Macerata Italy.


Audio Development - COMING SOON


Atoll Electronique is a full line high-performance audio electronics manufacturer who fully designs, engineers and manufactures award winning products by hand in their factory in Brecey, France.  Established in 1997 by brothers Stephane & Emmanuel Dubreuil to produce the highest performance products in their repsective catagories while maintaining high value, earning them top marks with the worldwide audio press.  Atoll Electronics offer performance, build quality and reliability which should be compared to products costing two to three times the price.  All Atoll products are designed to be top performers with an amazing open soundstage, pinpoint imaging and a powerful yet effortless presentation without any smearing or loss in detail.  The products are built to last  using top quality components, stringent assembly techniques and an impressive topology found in few products regardless of price. Atoll Electronics are sold worldwide and have a high reliability rate second to none.  Atoll will surely please the most demanding audiophile and music lover alike.  The clean European aesthetic design is timless and further supports the companies efforts in quality manufacturing.  The products are ingenious in their construction offering convenient options and excellent scalablility to satisfy even the most demading consumer.


Laboratorio Audio - COMING SOON


Sinfoni mobile audio products are one of the top true high end manufactureres in the world today.  The company located in Macerata, Italy takes great care and pride producing each and every product; from their hailed reference mobile audio amplifiers to their high performance and accurate mobile audio speakers.  The products are fully made in Italy using the finest material, engineering and manufacturing available.  Sinfoni carefully tunes each product for the best performance; some products taking over four years to be released due to the companies exceptionally high standards.  The dedication to high performance and aesthetically beautiful products is immediate in their fit & finish that are unique to the Sinfoni Quartorigo brand.  The purchase of a Sinfoni product will reward with neutral and dynamic musical playback; Sinfoni is made For Music Lovers.


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